The secular hive mind and college universities are attacking a caricature of masculinity which secularism itself has created. The cure for “toxic” manhood is real manhood, not secular “manhood”. This is a short episode, as it was a test broadcast over the BlogTalkRadio platform. I’m sorry for the slightly sub-par audio quality. It’ll get better as I iron out some kinks.
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  • Barry MCGrath

    Hello Tim,
    Just heard your monologue I could imagine that the time traveler WW2 generation seriously asking Why? In total shock I laid my life down but not for this.
    The fact that universities are getting paid to teach this deconstruction and reconstruction of impressionable young men and women is a scandal
    God bless keep up the good work

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Godless men have no business forming the minds of young people.