“Modernism” – VERICAST Ep. 65

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Modernism isn’t merely the rejection of tradition.  It is better described as trying to merge Catholicism with Secularism.  It is a heresy, and it is a cancer to the Mystical Body of Christ.  Modernism attempts to leverage Vatican II in an effort to redefine Catholicism to something closer to the secular mind.  This results in abuses of the liturgy, watering down Catholic morality, dogma, and doctrine to the point disfiguring what Catholicism truly is.
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  • Fravashi

    Potential here, but the balance in sound is hard on the ears — Wilson’s voice is WAY too loud. It also feels poorly organized, like you haven’t sorted out what you want to present and presented the material in an intelligent, calm, and entertaining way.

    • tjhaines

      Hi. Thanks for the comment and feedback One day we may be able to afford an audio engineer to do the leveling in real time during the shows, which really is how this should be done. Radio and TV shows are always facilitated with at least a director, a producer, and an engineer, in addition to the hosts themselves. That’s how the magic happens…it isn’t actually magic. But we can’t afford a staff; all we have is me. So making audio adjustments during the show, PLUS doing the direction, PLUS the calls, plus moving the show along (hosting) is a bit of a hitch. I hope you enjoy the product of our hard work and stress despite the audio though. That’s why we do it.

      Unfortunately in spite of all of the folks who listen to/watch each episode we don’t have very many donors at all. The entire network’s production is paid for out of our own pockets, so it’s impossible to afford a staff to help us with things like audio balancing during the shows. One day though. Pray to God that we may be so blessed some day soon.

      I’m not sure why you feel it’s poorly organized. You didn’t point out specifics. But I can tell you that while the the shows don’t follow an actual script (and that’s by design), they are not unorganized. 99.8% of the time they’re prepped and planned for ahead of time.
      Perhaps part of the perception of disorganization is because in the absence of a producer, a director, and an engineer to satisfy those vital roles/tasks I/we trip here and there in keeping things moving along because we’re distracted trying to do the jobs of 3 other people? That’s honestly my best guess.
      Thank you again for your feedback. I hope you enjoy the shows in general, and I hope you check out a live show some time. God be with you.
      Tim Haines

  • Salvelinus

    Great show… I wish I could tune in live sometime… The angry Protestant must have been fun in the chat room!