As Catholics we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. But more often than not, what’s getting spread is Fake News, not the Good news.  We evangelize a Jesus who does not exist—one who loves without condition, and without a standard; one who has mercy but no judgement.  We preach or talk about a Gospel that’s a fairy tale—half truths of the Gospel, or a summary of the full Gospel that’s so incomplete, it’s practically a fairy tale. And then some of us aren’t spreading the Gospel at all. What should we be doing differently as Catholics in the laity and in the Catholic Church hierarchy? In the modern age, we suspect the “Good News” is bring spread throughout the world, but the fact is that more often than not what we’re spreading is Fake News.

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hello Tim,
    An interesting monologue if the undercover reporters get convicted in the upcoming judicial circus it will be a threat to all other undercover journalists within the media environment. I would not underestimate the reach of the corporate monster that the journalists face it reminds of the lines “when they came for me there was no one left to speak out ” I agree that the message of the Gospel is misrepresented by many within the modern world and we wonder why the worlds not at peace. Sooner or later we all face the authentic Christ that’s the ultimate reality