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What are some solutions to the social illnesses we see in the culture?

  • cheeriosinmypocket

    Excellent Dialogue gents! You have my prayers, Tim (and Cal).

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Cal, Milo is a disgusting pervert that does not deserve to be quoted by a nice family man such as yourself. Everything you said was fine until you quoted him. lol. It’s okay if I express my disgust with his lifestyle. I live in a nation where we can voice our honest opinions of the homosexual act and not beat around the push. Milo thinks that two guys going at it is the most masculine thing. That’s disgusting and not very masculine.

    Tim, you’re pretty stunning yourself. Thanks for the compliment. It’s not everyday women get such nice sincere compliments. I will definitely keep you both in my prayers and hopefully will hear from you guys minus Milo Quotes. lol.

    I also need to stop asking Americans about their ethnic backgrounds. Some were very comfortable in disclosing that info while others were not.

    This is a very good episode by the way. =) God bless!

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hi Tim/Cal,
    we are in a culture that labels people rather than recognise them as people. The education system is problematic promoting subject in a discrete rather than whole subject matter. Were you aware that one of the greatest inventors Thomas Edison was quoted as saying ” I have not failed. I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work ”
    It’s having the attitude of not conforming to stereotype thinking
    I will keep you both in my prayers
    Thank you for the show

  • AflowerofStTherese

    The moral vacuum in the West is crashing upon our shores like a huge tsunami. That’s the real climate change. Everything online is so gay now. My Amazon account movie selection is filled with filth. I’m a little bit uncomfortable around gay men embracing. But it’s a whole different thing when it’s two women showing romantic interest. I literally want to vomit. That’s just my natural reaction to two women embracing in a romantic way. I can’t stand it. It’s so disgusting. The modern world would frown upon me this and try to condition me to accept it. But I just can’t. Even while I was not into the faith.

    Homosexuality is just disgusting to me.

    • David Nolan

      That’s what’s happening we are being forced to accepting the new gay world, only yesterday on YouTube did they have the rainbow flag beside the YouTube logo, “proud to be gay”
      Whatever is happening it’s very surreal, and makes no sense when there are real injustices like abortion.

      • Barry MCGrath

        Hi David,
        The fact that the culture in the western world has accepted and decriminalised immorality doesn’t prevent immorality being immoral. As Tim said in one of his shows command of the language is crucial the example you mentioned “you tube proud to be gay” but they will not say That they approve of Sodomy the euphemism is promoted to cover the scandal of the Sin. The culture refuses to accept the reality of sin and the consequences due to sin even within the church
        No one has the right to be wrong even though we exercise the opportunity

      • AflowerofStTherese

        I’ve been observing the mechanism of this horrific nightmare we are all immersed in (online on my side of the world) The devil wants to flood the world with his filth and mimics God’s promises with his own empty promises by hijacking the rainbow. All those who support the gay pride movement are worthy of death and that is exactly what the devil wants. He wants every single human being alive dead. It goes to show how much he really hates us and how powerful he is. Next to him, I feel powerless but with God’s grace I can do all things through him who strengthens me.

        How can people be this stupid? How can people not know that homosexuality is a perversion of human sexuality. I was watching Crowder’s interview with Milo, and to my surprise the guy was hitting on Milo. It’s a built in intuition every woman is equipped with. We know when a guy is showing subtle interest.

    • I understand your concern. Another thing that saddens me is that society today finds it difficult distinguishing between a deep friendship and a same-sex relationship. Like just because two men/women are close to one another, that doesn’t automatically mean they’re romantically/sexually attracted to each other.

  • julia4625

    I’m not on social media, so I apologise if this is not the appropriate place to post this, but all of your podcasts seem to be down right now. Have been trying to catch up on Credit, but the episodes fail to download nor can I stream them on this site. Hope all is well with you, Tim.

    • Believer

      Hi Julia,

      Here is as good a place as any to reach out to Tim.

      You might not have heard but Tim announced during his last show, and in the weeks leading up to it, that he will be taking a break from Vericast for anywhere from 3 weeks up to a month.

      He’s advised fans that he has some important personal matters he needs to attend too.

      We briefly corresponded privately before he signed off and he let me know that he was literally signing off from everything Vericast related during this hiatus and that includes disqus messages and Vericast emails.

      I encourage you to check back here at in the next week or two and you’ll probably find an update from Tim regarding his Vericast work.

      Tim has asked all his fans if we can pray for him during this time.

      Thanks and God Bless,


  • AflowerofStTherese

    Tim, I really miss you. I hope you’re doing okay!

  • pointvicente


    We all miss you and hope that you are doing well. God Bless you and we will continue to pray for you.

  • Gabriel Dannemiller

    We miss you, Tim! We are keeping you in our prayers. Stay strong, brother!

  • David Nolan

    Hi I hope that this great source of goodness returns soon. Please God.

  • Debby Dee

    I am sending prayers and support your way. I miss you but respect the need to take time for whatever is going on. i invite the entire Vericast family to build a fortress of prayer around our brother and friend, Tim Haines. May God bless you and I send you peace.

  • Debby Dee

    I miss the balanced dulcet words of truth from my friend, Tim Haines. You are in my daily prayers.

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Tim Haines, your fans haven’t forgotten you! I hope you’re doing okay and looking forward to the next episode of vericast via airwaves!