An “After School Satan” club receiving swift tax exempt status gets us into a discussion about religion, anti-religions, and whether they should be treated equally. Part of the conversation involves whether children are scandalized by being taught religion, the truth of God’s relationship with man, and the reality of the ten commandments. Mentioned in this episode was a separate podcast, “Ten Commandments Unravelled”, which you can find here

  • Sparrow Opal

    All hail the cereal box infoooo

    Reading those is basically equivalent to a PhD

    Good work guys keep it up uvub

  • Sparrow Opal

    Also, according to I’m centrist too Cal *highfives*

    I’m a right leaning centrist though but meh

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Cal, I love how you show love and respect for your girlfriend the mother of your children. You should marry her or I will cut you! LOL. Whats the holdup?

    On satanism, It’s so weird how you defend anything that has the potential to harm people. Literally, like every show, with the exception of terrorism, you do defend wrongs under the guise of goodness.

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hello Tim/Cal,
    If you kick God out of the school environment you are by default enabling the presence of anti God.What do you think?
    Anyone who has read basic science history knows that the father of genetics was a monk the author of the Big Bang theory was a priest so saying that both science and religion are in opposition deny history.
    The speed of the tax exemption for the Satanic church makes sense if the press were to spin the narrative of selective victimisation of a church group those in the IRS may not like the press flack sent its way
    Keep up the good work

  • Gabriel Dannemiller

    That moment when Cal specifies his position to make sure it truly represents the Catholic viewpoint and it doesn’t get misinterpreted: “…they send themselves to hell” instead of “God sends them to hell”. High five, Cal! And Tim, I’m sure he knew that one because of you, so kudos my friend!