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Discussing the war on the Christian West, and the recent terror attack in Manchester and talk about who is really winning and losing in this war, and why.  This is a bigger issue than just “ISIS” or “Radicalism”, and no one else is talking about it

  • cheeriosinmypocket

    Dear Cal,
    I am writing this to ask that you please stop the condescending remarks about everyone who doesn’t agree with what has not been proved…the evolution of man.
    Additionally, I do not know Katy Hawkins from the U.K., however, she has frequented the Tucker Carlson show. Not once has she come across as an “idiot” nor being a fairly repellant person. My guess is that you do not agree with her traditional point of view, so why not get in a few cheap shots for laughs. There are times such as these that I wonder if you are not becoming that which bothers you in others.
    Created in His Image,

  • AflowerofStTherese

    You guys are all screwed. We all are when Muslims take over Europe and start arresting anyone who challenges them.

    911 wasn’t enough to deport muslims.The Quran dictates the death of anyone who isn’t muslim.

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hi Tim/Cal,
    When you don’t recognise that the whole world is under threat east or west of the prime meridian from the “religion of peace ” in conjunction with the circumstances that those with power are detached from reality you have a recipe with the final ingredient “when they came after me there was no one left to complain ”
    Tim we know that we are in a supernatural war against ideology that teaches Heaven is a place where you get 72 virgins providing you endorse mass murder of those who don’t share your belief system.
    I better not name the “religion of peace ” as the “Thought Police ” will object and cancel my chat
    Keep up the good work

  • “This is why the aliens don’t speak to us.” LOL, one of the best lines of this episode, Cal!

    • Foreign Grid

      They don’t want to be associated with this part of the galaxy

  • Foreign Grid

    Bennnnn Shapiro

  • Foreign Grid

    Regarding the ignoring of reality phenomenon, I still see Remember Harambe tshirts to this day.

  • Foreign Grid

    Tim have you read The Great Heresies by Hilaire Belloc? It’s really prophetic regarding the Modernist heresies and Islam. It was written in the 1930s

  • Foreign Grid

    I think the equivalent of radical Islam for Catholics or ‘Radical Catholics’ are the old ladies who go to daily mass XD

    Also regarding anti Muslim sentiment, I think it’s generally (in it’s most common form) is what my mom has which is basically a generalization/aversion of Muslims. She’s asked me if I felt scared in my class where a Muslim with a hijab is, but that’s really the extent of it. She’s been very generous to Widowed Muslim women when we went with a pilgrimage group to buy their products. They had joined up with Catholic relief services because it their society they couldn’t provide for themselves nor get any help for themselves, because they were widows. But yeah, I don’t think that ‘sentiment’ is really an issue. The most that would happen would be a hurt feeling or two but that’s life 😛