This turned out to be a really heated conversation! Should God and religion ever be discussed in a secular classroom? If so, should atheism also get a platform? Should both be out?   We also lighten things up by the end of the show talking about witches casting a spell on Trump. Is it time to bring back “witch hunts”?


  • David Nolan

    This is a fascinating video guys

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Tim, that is so cool. My home parish is Holy Family Parish.

    Can someone tell me what happened to my livefyre comments?

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Cal, without Christianity’s influence in Europe, you would be just as crazy as an ISIS member.

    Tim, I found something for you

    What happened to Livefyre?

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hi Tim/Cal,
    We see the fruits of the absence of God in the classroom in some schools you have metal detectors,maybe if you reinstate God the demand for metal detectors will decline

  • Great show, as always!

    I hope you at least briefly mention the “Beauty and the Beast” fiasco and the Alabama theater in the next podcast. That was just blowing up when you released this episode. I’d like to see what Cal’s thoughts are about it.