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Stephen Fry is being investigated and accused of violating blasphemy laws for statements made in an old interview on Irish Television.  But can what he said be classified as blasphemy or can it more accurately be characterized as pure stupidity?  Fry’s idea of “God” is typically distorted, and we will be debating over the substance of his words.

  • cheeriosinmypocket

    Gosh you guys are good! Very entertaining, and many good points, Tim. Fun listening to Nestor, too! Here is the difference between someone who believes and someone who believes they are above believing…the question is absurd to begin with!!! The gent asking the absurd question makes it sound as if this chap, S.Fry, is sauntering up to the “pearly gates” (sarcasm interjected in addition to the absurd question). XXX Wrong! When S. Fry is standing in judgment before Almighty God in the Person of Jesus Christ, S. Fry will know he is small fry and will be awestruck by Him. He will not have his earthly above-it-all composure that he’s so very proud of to ask an accusatory question of God. A believer wouldn’t pose such a preposterous question to small fry. Ask the question correctly, and perhaps one may state his response was Blasphemy. But here, this was nothing more than Absurdity.

    Tim, I don’t know when you are doing these shows…I don’t receive emails on your going live any more. Is it because I do not do facebook? Fun show.

    • Vickie Knapp Armstrong

      The reason you aren’t getting the emails is because the shows aren’t on Livestream any more. You can only get them here at the Vericast website. Tim and Father Dugandzic with Credo are usually on Tuesday at 4:00 and then Tim and Cal with the Dialogue are usually Fridays at 2:00.

      I liked what you said “Here is the difference between someone who believes and someone who believes they are above believing”. Well put.

      • cheeriosinmypocket

        Thanks Vickie! I’ll try to remember Tuesdays at 4 and Fridays at 2.

  • Barry MCGrath

    Hello Cal/Tim,
    An interesting show with an explosive topic the problem as I see it Cal is how you approach the subject of suffering. The nature of God is all perfection subsequently he has no vindictiveness. it appears from what I heard during the interview with RTE guy Fry doesn’t want God on God’s terms but on his and there is a big difference
    If you come from the Atheist perspective you can’t blame God in the first place he’s not responsible as he doesn’t exist
    Keep up the good work

  • Matthewp

    Hi Tim/Cal!

    Cal, it has always fascinated me how atheists love to use the problem of evil to attack God’s character when most of them don’t even believe in objective moral values (and while I applaud you for believing in them, I think your views have many serious flaws and they rest on dubious grounds). Why is suffering “wrong” and why are some actions “evil?” You can only answer that by an appeal to objective morality which atheism by and large has a serious problem with, for obvious reasons. Objective morality can only come from God. And then all an atheist can do is whine about what he doesn’t like. Trying to have it both ways, you end up with neither.