Discussing prayer life, spiritual renewal and the Catholic need to go on retreat. ¬†Catholic spirituality is like body-building, or other exercise. It’s hard work, and improvement happens over time. Sometimes you get thrown a curveball, because you suffer a sprain, or some other complication stops you in your tracks. But never give up, Catholics!

  • AflowerofStTherese

    Francisco was a seven year old that wasn’t exposed to the filth of the Popular culture that has infected the Global Catholic Church community. Yet he was still denied of the beatific vision unless he prays and do a lot of penance. In one of the documentaries, the boy took upon so many devotions and sacrifices that were a little bit too heavy for the average “devoted” catholic nowadays.

  • Mark Hopwood

    Thank you both for the Podcast guys. You keep bringing me back when I start drifting. Even started looking for a retreat, not many options I must say here in the UK. Please keep the videos coming guys, the messages of truth and hope are hitting people like me all the time. Even if we don’t always comment or respond.