To live the Truth, we must put it into practice, and we must champion the Truth in a world that has declared war against it, in favor of lies. A lot of people try to reinvent Truth. They use teamwork to force fantasy onto reality. As Father Dugandzic says, the Devil’s main power is the power to deceive, and many people in the world today are deceived by lies cleverly disguised as truth. What is the role of the Church, and of individual Catholics in restoring Truth to the world?



    Hi Tim, I’ve listened to M Voris over the last few days, between activities between Pope Francis and Pope benedict and Cardinal Dolanog, I don’t live in the US but can you tell me how much weight should be given to these stories and how should we approach them in the context of true catholicism. Thank you.

    • tjhaines

      I don’t look at anything they do, so I don’t know what they reported. In fairness to them (and in service to Truth) I won’t speak on their reports, or even the subjects, since I’m oblivious). But I think I can still give you some guidance here. The way to approach any Catholic news story in the context of true catholicism is to not approach it at all because the Church’s affairs are the business of the Magisterium and the Holy Spirit. Catholicism isn’t about how we approach the dishing of dirt (whether scandal, facts, sensationalism, or rumors and speculation), it’s how we approach holiness. Too many Catholics have lost touch with this basic truth, and it’s resulted in fear, anxiety, and spiritual disorientation.
      I’m probably on the other extreme from most: I have zero interest in Catholic news, for those very reasons I pointed out. For years I’ve been trying to get the audience to also have zero interest in Catholic news, or to at least drastically reduce their intake of Catholic news, and to be more discerning about where they get their information from (hint..hint!). But at this point I’m inclined to believe that what I’ve been asking them to do is not wholly possible for most people. Not everybody can just turn it off. It may not be something they can choose to do, for whatever reason, good or bad. So here’s my advice to you. If the news frustrates you or worries you, then push it out of your head, because it’s an instant barrier to good faith. Fear and frustration and anxiety do not aide faith any more than fire aides water—they are in natural conflict. It is false that knowing the dirt of Church affairs results in good or stronger faith. What it does is it builds a synthetic faith. So if these news reports have you bothered, put them out of your head, do not think about them, and ignore their respective topics/subjects going forward. And, as always, pray for the Holy Father, pray for Bishops, and pray for priests, frequently.
      Also I suggest that you try to reduce your interest in the Church’s affairs because it will always frustrate you far more than benefit you. That was always true; it’s not unique to modern times. The Church’s affairs are the business of the Hierarchy and the Holy Spirit. Let them worry about it. Be free, and be at peace in what the Holy Spirit has put in front of YOU—a the road to holiness. Believe me, that’s enough to keep you busy and to keep your hands full. That’s just my personal advice and wisdom. You are free to do what you think is best, as only you can know that. But I hope this advice helps you in some way. God be with you brother.

      • AflowerofStTherese

        Aaaah!! This is why I listen to Vericast!!!!!
        I am in total agreement with you on this Tim.


        Thank you for the reply, what you said was very helpful.