The Church teaches that the parents are the primary educators of their children. When it comes to passing on the Faith, the parents should be the ones to do it. But for decades, educators have been making themselves the primary source of education, including in our Catholic schools, and many people are now convinced that they just drop their kids off and someone else does all the work. Might Catholic schools see a revival when families become the “primary” school?


  • AflowerofStTherese

    Father D, Lent is that season where it seems that the Church encourages the faithful to live a full catholic life. Which is awesome and one of the reasons why I love the spirit of lent i.e fast, pray and give alms. I really feel as though this is time of the year where I and those around me are truly catholics. By the end of those 40 days usually I am already in the habit of praying, fasting and going to daily mass. Should I cease these habits at the end of 40 days because it seems everyone else go back to their old routines?

    • Fr. Peter Dugandzic

      Any good fruits of Lent should absolutely be continued.