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When we strip Catholic character from the faith, we wind up with a political party rather than a religion. I’ll be talking about the removal of statues from a California public school, and responding to Dennis Prager’s wacky thoughts about the death penalty and his inability to understand a pro-life philosophy that doesn’t contradict itself.


Hey fans. I feel some listeners may have gotten some wrong ideas from this episode, and that’s my fault. I was probably not very clear. So, to be clear, Vericast Network isn’t going away just yet (and it may not go away at all). I just need to slow down for a while and see where God leads me.  I’ll be doing fewer shows but I’m not going dark.

Also, I have been very moved and heartened by your feedback, and hearing what the work of this apostolate has done for you. Thank you for it. It certainly has given me more to think about. Maybe God is speaking through you guys.

By the way it still costs a few hundred bucks a month to keep the site and file server alive, and we’re still serving up past episodes to the global public even though I’m doing fewer new shows.  So if you are one of our donors/supporters, I hope you continue with your support for a little while so that I don’t have to cover the expenses on my own, because I really can’t afford to do that.  Know that your continued support is getting our body of work to others, which is especially important now since YouTube has been cracking down on our “offensive” content lately.  Luckily our distribution system doesn’t rely on youtube, so we’re still serving up audio episodes to our distribution channels (iTunes, etc.). Thank God! And thank you all!