Controversy and confusion often surround the secrets of Fatima. The real secret and purpose of Fatima, however, can be found in its message of prayer, penance and conversion. Is there benefit in focusing on conspiracies? Or is Our Lady better served by applying her message to our daily lives?

The Fatima Pope

John Paul II has been called the Fatima Pope
He recognized himself in that “bishop dressed in white” that the three children, Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, “saw” during the July 17, 1917, apparition, when the Lady confided in them the so-called secret of Fatima. He credited the intercession of the Virgin Mary, specifically Our Lady of Fatima, with miraculously saving his life.
Pope John Paul II lived determined to comply with the petitions and desires contained in the Fatima messages.
He dedicated himself to the mission of Fatima, offering himself as victim for the salvation of the world, promoting a worldwide crusade of prayer, and was instrumental in the historic fall of Communism in Eastern countries nd the return of religious freedom in those countries.