An important witness to the truth of the Gospel is found in the unity of the Church. Divisions can threaten that united witness. But more importantly it can be threatened merely by a lack of conscious and deliberate unity. This is what we are talking about in this episode. As well as talking about the one voice unity of the Mass.

St. Cyprian on Unity

He who breaks the peace and concord of Christ acts against Christ; he who gathers somewhere outside the Church scatters the Church of Christ. The Lord says: ‘I and the Father are one.’ And again of the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit it is written: ‘And these three are one.’ Does anyone believe that this unity which comes from divine strength, which is closely connected with the divine sacraments, can be broken asunder in the Church and be separated by the divisions of colliding wills? He who does not hold this unity, does not hold the law of God, does not hold the faith of the Father and the Son, does not hold life and salvation.