Spiritual dryness, times of testing, suffering and hardship. These are often described as desert experiences. Lent is a time in the desert as well. In this episode Vickie talks about spiritual benefits that can come from our times in the desert if we are willing to lift our heads and look beyond hardship. Scroll down for an interesting back-story!


The Desert Fathers

The desert fathers (and mothers!) were the pioneers of monastic life in the Church. Beginning in the third century, some Christians sought a life of asceticism in the desert. These men and women embraced the Gospel message radically in their lives. They sought a simpler life, in imitation of Christ during his forty days in the wilderness, and dedicated themselves to solitude, labor, poverty, fasting, charity and prayer. Over time their reputation for holiness grew. Some of them became great spiritual giants and teachers in the history of the Church. The most well known was Anthony the Great, who became known as both the father and founder of Christian desert monasticism.  Their influence in the Church has been deeply felt though the centuries, particularly as monasticism and religious life developed.