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In the busy course of life, and the busyness of our days, we become focused on the end game of our day.  We have a set of chores we intend to do. Errands we need to run. Jobs or projects we need to complete.  The more we stay focused on whatever our end-game is, the more effectively we move closer to achieving it.

Isn’t it a great feeling when we’ve accomplished everything we planned on doing in a day?  Even if we didn’t complete everything we wanted to complete we feel a sense of pride and accomplishment that we’ve at least moved a little closer to the larger goals, by tending to the smaller ones.  Even in our fatigue—be it physical or mental fatigue—there’s something about working, and achieving, and accomplishing that makes us feel more complete. Maybe even more human.

But at the same time, we can easily become distracted by our day-to-day tasks, errands, and goals.  We can get so caught up in the routine of it all that we forget some of the more important things that require our attention; namely our faith experience.

Living as a Catholic should be the same as living as a parent, or as a worker.  The faith in our lives should be something that gets some of our attention, because it is deserving of our attention.

There is always time in the day to pray. Always.  Even in the small, free moments of our busy days there is time to glorify God.  There is always time to thank God for something specific in your day’s experiences.  Our days are filled with reasons to thank, and glorify God, if only we were mindful enough to identify them.  It doesn’t take much time to pause and say “Glory to you oh God, for the works of your hand” when you recognize the beauty of creation. That may happen when you see a sunset, or it may happen as you’re walking past a park on your way to work.  It doesn’t take long to say “Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ for your sacrifice on the cross” whenever you see a cross or a church.  Or if you pass a Catholic Church, it doesn’t take any time at all to say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Holy Spirit for the work of His hand in the Holy Catholic Church” Or say a prayer to the saint whose name that parish bears.   There are always moments throughout the day to pray. And we shouldn’t be so focused on our day’s routines that we forget to take time to direct our hearts to Heaven.

One of the most important things we forget is to do something positive for the Gospel.  It’s a good discipline to devote yourself every day to doing something, anything, for the Gospel.  Bring someone a little closer to Our Lord—either by your words or by your actions.  Buy some inexpensive icons printed on small cards, and give them to people through the week. Even if you give one icon to one person you have done something good that day. Write something intriguing and inspiring on your social networks.  Something absent of fluff, but nothing too heavy. You want it to be understood. Every time you put Truth out into the world there is yet another opportunity for it to be seen, and for someone to be intrigued or inspired by it.  There is another opportunity for the Holy Spirit to move a soul that has fallen away.  There are plenty of ways, great and small, to do something in service of the Gospel each and every single day.  If all of us devote ourselves to doing one thing, just one single thing each and every day, imagine the impact that would have over the course of a year.  But we have to be devoted to it. We can’t think of the work of the Gospel as something optional in our days.

If we could be as devoted to prayer, and to the work of the Gospel as we are devoted to all the other projects and tasks in our lives, we would soon live in a world of saints-in-the-making rather than in a world of the worldly.  So get to it, brethren. There’s a lot of work to be done.