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Love makes us do crazy things.  We do even crazier things when love is lost. Whether it’s we, or the one we love who has failed the unspoken agreement between two hearts, when love is lost we ache as if the whole world has collapsed on us. In that agony, we pursue our lost love. For at least a while. We call. We text. We pursue. We try to make amends or make promises to be different. To do different. We make desperate promises to change, even where we may not be wrong. We’re so willing to abandon all, sacrifice all, surrender all to be reunited with our lost love. For at least a while.

Over time as our heartbreak transforms into heartache, and from there into acceptance and resignation, we give up the cause, and we get on with our lives. Eventually, perhaps, to fall in love again elsewhere.

God is like a desperate lover. We accept him, and then turn from him again to go our own way, and still he follows after us. He wins our love again. And over time we turn from him again. He calls us. He signals us. He pursues us unrelentingly. His heart aching, he pursues us like a desperate lover; pursuing us, who have hurt him so deeply, pursuing us still out of unfathomable love for us. A lover who is tormented in his mind when he remembers us who have left him; we who have forgotten him. A lover whose heart breaks for love of us. we who have broken it. A lover so intent on winning us over again that he moves heaven and earth to stir his wish into possibility, and possibility into reality. God is like that desperate lover.

We are the objects of his desire. But do we take his love for granted? We who are believers in the One True God, we who call ourselves Christian, how often do we take his love for granted? Do we love him enough? Do we love him with all our heart, or with only some of it? Do we love him with all our mind, or only a part of it. We who take his body and blood and soul and divinity, do we love him enough to give him the gift of our own bodies, our own souls, our own humanity or do we respond to his gift with our indifference to him…if even for while?

God is like a desperate lover. But his love does not come from desperation. His love does not come from a need of us, but from a desire for us. A desire so passionate that it refuses to die to us. A desire so passionate, that it subjects itself to death for us. A desire so enflamed with passion for us that nothing can quench it that is anything less than us.

Who’s sorrow is greatest when a soul descends to hell? The person who has lost God forever, or the God who has lost us forever?

Do we love God enough?
The God who sent his son for us.
The God who left his Church to us.
The God who gives his body and blood to us.
Do we sacrifice enough for the God who has sacrificed all for us?

We must be the desperate lover. We who are truly in need of him who loves us well and perfectly. We must be the unrelenting pursuers of him who perfects our souls. We must go to him again and again. Embrace his mercy in confession. Embrace his divinity in Communion. We must call out to him again and again in prayer, and spend quiet moments before him in the Tabernacle. We must be the fanatic lovers who sacrifice all for him. We must be desperate lovers who cannot bear to be separated from him.

Perfect your love for the God little by little, every day, throughout the day. Be known and remembered as someone who was desperately, hopelessly, and passionately in love with the God who was passionately in love with you.