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wo plus one equals three.  That’s true in reality.  But with a little clever re-characterization of the components that make it true , we can make a whole new realty from our imaginations.

I say two plus one is 21, not three.  You see, when we say “plus” we’re actually saying “and”, And what are we really saying when we say “equals”? We’re saying “is”.  So if “plus” really means “and” and “equals” really means “is”, then a 2 and a 1 is 21. Not three.

Here I’ve created a whole new truth by saying “Two and One is 21” instead of “Two plus one equals three”.  By re-characterizing the components, I’m able to change the truth.

Once you empty words of their meaning, you can do whatever you want with the ideas they convey.

That’s the kind of manufacturing of reality we all around us.  We slightly change and manipulate terms, to where their new meanings may overlap the true meanings, but they don’t actually mean the same thing.  Once you empty words of their meaning, you can do whatever you want with the ideas they convey.  Once you re-characterize truths, you can pretend to change the larger Truths that they collectively compose.

That’s not a person in your womb, it’s a fetus. And terminating a fetus isn’t the same as killing a person. It’s not fornication, it’s love-making, and love knows no boundaries, so sex needn’t be accompanied by commitment.  Marriage is about love, not family, gender is a choice, not a foundation, and religion is a private belief, and therefor shouldn’t be a public expression.  We manipulate and re-characterize words ever-so-slightly until we have completely reimagined and redefined Truth.  But Truth cannot be redefined.  Truth comes from God, and is a reflection of his nature, not an expression of his choices.  So truth is what it is, and it can never be anything else.

…they also do it by careful manipulation of the components that comprise the greater truth.

The more depraved the world becomes, the more it finds itself at odds with Truth.  Rather than resolve the conflict by changing their lives, they choose instead to change the truth.  They do it with bold-faced lies, sure. But they also do it by careful manipulation of the components that comprise the greater truth.  Manipulate the components slowly enough, and no one will sound an alarm. Manipulate these components for long enough, and you may be able to convince someone that 2+1=21.

We’re seeing that in the culture of the Church, too.  We’ve been nullifying, and diffusing components of Truth for so long, that now some are feeling free to attempt to change Truths themselves.  We say “God is love” and never actually say what “Love” really means—that it proceeds from Truth, not from emotions.  We’ve spent so many years talking about “Mercy” that we have effectively erased the reality of Justice.   We have emptied “Mercy” of it’s meaning, we have cultivated an atmosphere of amnesia with regard to the reality of Justice, and we have converted Love into something emotional, detached from Truth.  We have re-characterized these components, and from those components we are manufacturing a new [false] truth.

A few Synod fathers give us evidence of this manipulation of truth—through a progressive, subtle re-characterization  of its components.  For example the idea that “mercy and justice” are one and the same, is the same as suggesting “Equals” means “Is”  The words “equals” and “is” may overlap but they are not the same things; they have distinctive meanings and functions.  To say that man is equal to woman is not to say that man IS woman.  To say that Mercy and Justice are one is to say that one satisfies the other.  Which is exactly how some in the Church treat the two.  But that is not true.

Mercy exists because Justice exists.  Justice exists because God is Truth. Mercy exists because God is Love.  Just as these characteristics of God are not in conflict, but in harmony, Mercy and Justice are also in harmony.  Well…isn’t “harmony” the same as saying “They act as one?”  Well that’s what the German Cardinals seem to be saying, but they’re wrong.  Mercy and Justice are in harmony because they equally exist, are each distinct from the other, do not conflict, negate, or nullify each other, and both equally constitute a greater single Truth.  Mercy does not nullify justice, or release us from our responsibility to Truth.

And that truth is this: There is always a consequence to our response to The Truth.  Whether our response is accepting it and abiding by it, or our response is rejecting it and living as we wish, there is always a consequence to our response to The Truth.  Our response to Truth results in Mercy, and it results in Justice.  How much of one, as opposed to the other, only God knows, since only He sees our actions, and our hearts with complete and perfect clarity.  But what we do know is that God does not observe one and ignore the other.  God does not re-characterize His Truth.  That’s a violation of reality that can only be conceived of by satan, and only carried out by fallen man.

Remember The Truth, my friends.  And remember to observe the character of the smaller truths that compose the whole. Remember especially the character of the Church. It is a human institution, so it isn’t insulated from the brokenness of man.  But it is also a divine organism, and it is the Holy Spirit that gives the institution life and being. So don’t be afraid and don’t be troubled. Have faith.  Be prayerful. Live the Gospel.  Focus on growing in holiness and embodying Goodness.  Let the Holy Spirit busy Himself with he Church, and let the Lord tend to the Lukewarm.