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“Pilate said to him, “Then you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say I am a king. For this I was born, and for this I came into the world, to testify to the Truth.. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice” Pilate said to him, “What is truth?”

Pontius pilate had no idea that he was staring The Truth right in the face. Jesus Christ.

At the time of His birth The Truth was not to be found in any of the inns in Bethlehem. Because there was no room for Him.

Today too, we leave little room for the Truth. In the world, the Truth is replaced by lies. In the faithful the truth is replaced by opinion, and in the Church the truth is replaced by sentiment. If you don’t see the chain reaction, I’m about to help you. First, let’s start with the Church.

They reduce the truth to sentiments.

It’s important to be clear that this is not a condition of the Church Herselt. Rather, it’s a condition suffered by many within the ecclesial Church. Many, not all. They reduce the truth to sentiments. Now, sentiments aren’t the same as opinions. They’re a person’s take on the truth; sentiments reflect the truth, but in some abstract way, and through this abstraction, the truth is diffused.

The statement “Turn away from your former ways” is a diffuse, abstract way of saying “Turn away from sin” In scripture where the word “way” is used in in this context in reference to a person’s lifestyle, the words “sin” or “wicked” or “wretched” are included in the statement. Today, many in the Church seem to prefer a more diffuse way of making this same truth-statement. If we aren’t characterizing what these “former ways” are, how will people know what to turn away from? The Truth is reduced to sentiment. It instantly become lifeless.

The Truth has been separated from its soul, and its identity.

In the faithful, the Truth is further reduced to an opinion. This is easy to do, first, because the truth has already been reduced to abstraction. The Truth has been separated from its soul, and its identity. It’s been degraded. When Truth has been degraded, it can be shaped into anything a person wants it to be. We can tell a person “The Church teaches that…bla bla bla” and they’ll usually continue to hold their opinions anyway, because they prefer their opinions over the Truth itself. And since their opinions seem to be based on the truth, they give it the same value as the real Truth. This starts with a failure to tell the full, whole Truth at the Parish level; in pulpits, or in schools.

It isn’t just marginal Catholics doing that. Sometimes it’s faithful Catholics, too. Sometimes Catholic evict the Truth from doctrine. Some Catholics evict the truth from their lives or from their homes, or evict the truth from their practice of the Catholic faith. We have all become conditioned to evicting at least some of the truth, somewhere in our lives. This is something we should all pray about, and immediately begin correcting. You, me, and everyone else.

Now, let’s back up look at where we are so far: We started with Truth. It was degraded to a mis-truth. It was further degraded to a false-truth. Now it comes to the world, and it is ultimately degraded to an all-out lie.
The Church teaches that contraception is wrong. Some in the Church quietly teach that contraception is ill-advised. That’s received by the faithful as “contraception is okay, as long as it isn’t abused”, and in the world it becomes “Contraception enables people to make mature choices about their sexual behavior”. Brilliant!

Now, I’m simplifying this example and generalizing a bit, to make the point easy to explain. But this is generally how we evict the Truth from minds, from hearts, from lives, and from the world. We fail to give it room at the inn. Then we evict it from the manger of our hearts. And then we send it to be crucified.
We don’t tell people what sin is—we don’t even use the word. We don’t call sins “sinful”. We believe some sinful acts to be justifiable and righteous, so long as we do them with love in our hearts. We evangelize a Jesus who loves without a standard. We evangelize a Gospel that has everyone going to Heaven. We treat the mass as a social gathering, we treat the Eucharist as a communal expression, replace “Communion” with “community”, we treat the sacraments as secular rites of passage, and we treat the Church like a worn out great grandmother whose old-timey wisdom is charming to listen to, but is very clearly the result of senility…and we know better.

We all have to remember to make room for the Truth. Through courage, humility, and good faith, we must all remember to make room for the Truth, and recognize that we have been slowly and gradually evicting the Truth from its proper places. We have pulled The Truth away from the pulpit. We have pulled The Truth away our classrooms. We’ve pulled the truth out of our hearts. We have pulled the Truth away from the world; we have denied the King His Kingdom. Is it any wonder, then, that the world has returned to its pagan ways? Should it surprise any of us that the modern world has descended into such moral chaos, and in some cases civil chaos?

Let us all turn away from our sinful ways of making no room for The Truth. Have courage, be humble, and have good, strong faith. Make room for the Truth. Make way for the King.

For this he was born, and for this he came into the world, to testify to the Truth. Let everyone who belongs to the truth listen to His voice.