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A very popular approach to vice these days is that we conceal its true nature by applying an erroneous concept of “love” to it. Anything done in the name of love is given a pass; we call it acceptable, or right, or good, simply because we apply the world “love” to it in some disordered way. It’s almost like using a mask to conceal someone’s face. When you conceal their face you conceal their true identity, you conceal not just what they look like, but who they are. That’s what we do with Love, or some distorted version of it. We use it to conceal what vice looks like so that we can ignore what it truly is; evil, disordered, deadly, what have you.

Young people don’t know that masks are not true faces

I’m most concerned for the children growing up in this Fantasy Land that adults have made for them. Young people don’t know that masks are not true faces; they accept them as one and the same, they have no idea that what they’ve been told is right, and true, and good by the secular hive mind is actually wrong, false, and evil.

Our understanding of love is so distorted today that we use “love” to justify vice all the time. The world seems completely unaware of, or unwilling to accept the reality that love is only good when it is rightly ordered. Even the most secular of people know this, they just choose not to accept it. All in the name of love.

They say things like “People have a right to love whomever they want” but would they fail to see beyond that mask if Johnny were in love with his sister Jane? They say “God loves me exactly the way I am” and “We should love everybody as they are”. Well, sure! But if Johnny and Jane were their own children would their love for them stop them from responding to the disordered feelings Johnny has for Jane? Of course not.

Love has to be rightly ordered.

Most people know that love has to be rightly ordered. They just selectively refuse to apply that truth—all in the name of love—when it comes to evils they themselves desire, or can relate to. And so they use “Love” as a validator of things like pleasure, because they themselves want pleasure; no matter the cost. They use love to validate self-absorbed happiness, because they want their own selfishness to be validated and honored. They use Love to make wrongness look like goodness, because they themselves dont’ want to be held to account for their wrongdoing. And this is the moral formula that adults are handing down to the generations following them. It’s an ancestry of liars, and a genealogy of the selfish and confused.

We get it wrong in the Church, too.

The modern Catholic Culture sounds just like the secular world. Secularists have been talking about love since the 70s, and they often find Catholics singing right along with them; using the very same language, but failing to elevate out of the natural, and order it toward truth. How many times have you heard “love” in a homily just in the past month alone? Now how many times was it ordered toward truth, rather than pleasantry? How many Catholic laypeople have you heard talk about love as a justification for indifference to vice? How many times have you heard a Catholic talk about love ordered toward truth? Even in the Church we’re adopting error, and proposing disorder, all in the name of Love. Disordered love.

Truth be told, as long as the world continues adhering to their erroneous concept of “love”, we’ll continue to put masks over greater and greater vices, all in the name of love. We’ll continue to cover up and excuse acts of deeper evil. All in the name of love. We’ll descend to greater disorder. All in the name of disordered love.

Love must be rightly ordered. Because Love comes from God and God is perfectly ordered. He’s the perfect lover, which is why he is the most just judge . If we in the Church, or they in the secular world continue to fail to reflect this perfect and beautiful order of love that is indivisible from Truth, we will find the world to be more loveless, and our lives to be more purposeless, leading up to the last day when we face our Blessed Lord and True Love becomes our greatest prosecutor.