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To at least some extent, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. But The Beautiful itself transcends the individual.  For example, you may have no strong opinion about Sunrises or sunsets, but you recognize that they are beautiful, even if you don’t go out of your way to look at one.  There’s a subjectivity to beauty, but there’s also objectivity.

[pull_quote_right]The Beautiful is transcendental. [/pull_quote_right]The Beautiful is one of the reasons why we know there is more to humanity that just flesh, bone, and blood, and it’s why we can know that nature isn’t just some lucky accident resulting from a Big Bang.  That there is objective beauty tells us that there is a tender, loving divine person who exists above the natural order.   That we are able to recognize objective beauty tells us that there’s more to the human constitution than the material and mechanisms of our bodies.

The Beautiful enables human potential. It calls us from out of the frivolous and common; it calls out to our minds, to our emotions, and recruits our action.  Humanity places itself at the service of the beautiful, naturally.  We love what it is, we honor what it asks us for, and we preserve it from destruction.  It almost sound like the behavior of God, doesn’t it?  Loving who and what we are, hearing and honoring our prayers, and preserving us from things that lead to our undoing.

[pull_quote_right]There is something higher than nature about the beautiful. [/pull_quote_right] Our relationship with the beautiful is almost a sort of covenant between our nature, and the nature of beautiful things.   The Beautiful brings out the best of us; particularly it brings out those aspects of our character and personality that are hidden beneath our fear, our hopelessness, and a sense of resignation.  There’s something naturally rejuvenating about The Beautiful.   So we place ourselves at the service of the beautiful, because we love what it is, and we love how it completes or restores our own nature.

And that is why Satan works very hard to teach us to kill the beautiful . He, and those who have given their wills and minds to him work constantly to kill the beautiful.  To make it ugly, or to remove it entirely.

The Beautiful requires care and attentiveness that is appropriate to its nature.  The beautiful tells us how it is to be treated, and we respond to it accordingly.  We put flowers in water, we keep paintings out of direct sunlight, and so on. We give beauty the care its nature demands of us.   When the beautiful is dead we no longer feel obligated to care for it, or to give it proper attention.  Instead we treat it as we wish, not as it deserves.  We behave without rules, and without standards.  We behave in a way that is self-gratifying, and self-absorbed.  We reflect the behavior of the diabolic, and not the divine.

Women are beautiful. Their bodies are beautiful, their minds are beautiful, their persons are beautiful  A man will protect the body, and preserve the virtue and dignity of a women, because we love who she is, and we love how she completes and preserves our own nature, as men.  And so the devil teaches men pervert the nature of women—either in our hearts, our minds, or in our lives.  He teaches us to degrade her being, by reducing her person to the object of her body, and the utility of her service.  Masculinity is beautiful.  It is intrinsic to the nature of the gender of men to protect and uphold the true. To be heroes, defenders, and servants of the Good.  And so the devil has taught society to kill it; vilifying men who are faithful to their masculine identity, reducing men to barbarians and oversexed halfwits, and diminishing their masculine integrity through a mechanism of social blackmail called “Feminism”

Humanity is beautiful, and so atheists kill it by reducing it to mere biology and evolution; focusing only on the aspects of humanity that fit their theories, and ignoring the ones that don’t; the ones that show us to be more than just matter.  Because when mankind is more than the natural, we are held to a standard of conduct, behavior, and being. When mankind is not beautiful, it can be perverted, and tossed in the trash like dead flowers.  Why do you think abortion is still legal?

[pull_quote_left]The Church is beautiful.  The devil teaches mankind to kill it![/pull_quote_left] He teaches us to kill The Beautiful—the Church—from without; through lies and  deceit, and he teaches us to kill it from within, through disobedience, disorder, and pride.  Because we need not respond to the call of The Beautiful, as the beautiful thing itself demands of us, when we have killed the beautiful.  We need not give it the service and attention its nature demands of us, once we have killed The Beautiful—even if the beautiful thing lives.

When we kill the beautiful, we can do whatever we wish with it, because we feel that we can. Our motives become our desires and preferences, rather than good service to The Beautiful.  When we do that, we do good service to the Devil and good service to his great desire.  He cannot undo God, but he wants to undo you.  And in order to do that he has made it his central goal to take every beautiful thing away from you.  He will try to take every beautiful thing away from you by teaching you to help kill it.

Because The Beautiful compliments and preserves us.  The Beautiful sustains our own natures by bringing out the best of who truly we are; digging it up from the grave of our hearts where the enemy has buried it deep beneath fear, hopelessness and resignation.

Do not go on killing the beautiful. Love it, and preserve it always, wherever it’s found. In the world, in your homes, in your marriages, in your children, in the Church.  Preserve it in your minds, in your imaginations, and preserve it in the mysterious places of your heart.  Preserve it, as God has made it.  Love it, as God loves you.  Defend yourselves against the poison of the enemy, by taking in The Beautiful which God himself has made.