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The ACLU is at it again, leveraging the power of the the almighty lawsuit in an attempt to force Catholic organizations to provide what they call “critical services” to illegal immigrants. What are these “critical services” you ask? Contraception, and Abortion.

This madness is the result of a variety of failures and faults.
1. The Church must stop reducing our moral values to constitutional rights in public discourse. It’s not enough to say that we have a constitutionally protected freedom to the practice of our religion and its precepts and doctrines. Protecting life isn’t about exercising rights, it’s about recognizing human dignity, and protecting the lives of the innocent and defenseless. Refusing to provide abortions is not about refusing to provide a service, it’s about refusing to commit murder. Plain and simple. The secular world thinks nothing of brining sensationalism into the conversation, so why are we so gun-shy about brining the reality of the situation to bear? Abortion is murder. Human life is dignified. Unborn children are innocent, defenseless children; it doesn’t matter that they haven’t been born yet and it doesn’t matter how they were conceived. Why does the USCCB, and the Church at the local level not stress these basic truths?

2. We have to tell the truth from the pulpit. The Church has spent too long walking on egg shells from the pulpit. The consequence to that practical indifference to truth and moral clarity is that average Catholics don’t bring the truth out into the world. They adopt the secular “truth” instead. How validating is it for agnostics and other secularists to find Catholics who hold the same moral distortions that they do? How affirming is it for them to find so many Catholics—Children of the known, and recognized Moral authority on the earth, the Catholic Church—believing right alongside them that Abortion is a human right, and that in extreme cases it’s even advisable? The secular world still looks to Catholics as moral beacons; even if they don’t like what they hear. They look to Catholics for objective moral parameters. When they find Catholics offering the very parameters defined by the secular mind, that only serves to embolden their belief that what the Church calls evil is actually a human right, and what the Church calls disordered is actually not. The Church is just out of touch. Catholics themselves? They have a clue; they keep up with the times.

3. Nothing is more ridiculous than calling murder a “critical service” except for also calling then provision of contraception a critical service. The ACLU repeatedly uses rape as the justification for trying to force Catholics to violate their principals, and the Church’s doctrine of life, but the truth is this is about enabling promiscuity at every level, for every age group—even for children. It’s also about taking the Catholic Church down a few notches; forcing the Church to conform, more and more, to the secular mind and to the disordered secular moral trainwreck. It’s about putting the Church under the lash of the secular will, piece by piece, one violated principal at a time.

Too many [Catholics] are gagged by a disordered conception of Charity

All of this is because too many Catholics refuse to take themselves, and the faith seriously. Too many Catholics have no concept of what it means to know the Truth, and to put it into action so that it transforms our lives, and the world. Too many in the pews, and too many in the hierarchy are gagged by a disordered conception of Charity, believing that to tell the truth, even with due-gentleness, is a hostile and demeaning imposition to those who most need to be transformed by it. So they choose instead to say nothing, or to say nothing of substance. A little truth is not the truth, my friends. Only the full Truth is the real truth, and watering it down and diminishing it to secular language, and qualifying it against secular paradigms is a disservice to the Truth, and a perversion of the Truth. And consequently it is a disservice to humanity and a disservice to the world.

Abortion is not a right, it’s murder.

Abortion is not a right. It’s not a human right, it’s not a civil right. Abortion is murder; that’s what it is. We have a duty and an obligation to protect life; to not commit murder. And that has nothing to do with the constitution, and it has nothing to do with the law that calls murder a crime. That duty and obligation is a divine charge that commands us to uphold the truth and goodness. A refusal to commit murder; especially against the unborn is not a choice, it’s an obligation to do what is right. It really is that plain and that simple.

So speak up, Catholics. Don’t be afraid. Speak up, and tell the truth, because the world very desperately needs to hear it. Even as the world hates hearing the truth, the world really is looking to each one of you to be a moral beacon. And please, priests and bishops, don’t abandon the laity. Please, stop undermining the bold and the courageous who take up the task that you have put aside. Support them. Back them up. Don’t let the laity be the only ones speaking the clear, plain truth. If we can’t be as united in the Church as they are outside the Church we will never change this world. So live out the calling of your baptism, and start today to leverage the power given to you at your confirmation. The same Holy Spirit that unleashed the apostles at Pentecost is waiting, and waiting to unleash you, too. So what are you waiting for?