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Are you ready to die a good death? It’s about living a good life, and it's a very Catholic idea. To die a good death is about ordering our lives toward our final end. Not in the interests of death but in the interests of eternal life. We also talk about...

“Freedom” VERICAST #214

People talk a good game about "Freedom". But freedom comes from God, who gave humanity this precious gift. In this episode we'll explore the juxtaposition of freedom from the world's perspective—which is increasingly flawed and dehumanizing— against how God and the Church understand it. It's a difference of night and day.

The Gospel Isn’t Fake News – VERICAST #219

As Catholics we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. But more often than not, what's getting spread is Fake News, not the Good news. We evangelize a Jesus who does not exist, we preach or talk about a Gospel that's a fairy tale. Some of us aren't spreading the Gospel at all. What should we be doing differently as Catholics in the laity and in the Catholic Church hierarchy?

“Tough Truth Talk” — VERICAST #202

Catholic evangelization is getting more inventive, and consequently more dangerous, because it is getting more careless. "Tough talkin' Tim" reviews a Life Teen video featuring "Abrasive Abner", and explains why Catholic evangelizers need to up our game

“Ad Orientem, Ad Infinitum” — VERICAST Ep. 196

Talking about Cardinal Sarah's latest comments about Ad Orientem worship. Also continuing on the "Era of Saints" episode, I talk about the practical path to growing in holiness. I start the show off with a news The practical path to becoming like saints.

Our Own Transfiguration — VERICAST Ep. 182

Are we asleep during the unfolding of our own “transfiguration”? Are we overcome with sleep at the “transfiguration” of the Church? If we aren’t awake to watch it unfold, and instead wake up after it’s happening, we could be missing something very important.

Gender, and Forming Catholic Men – VERICAST Ep. 199

Gender is about more than anatomy, and forming the male gender is about enabling boys to be good men, not just “males in grown bodies”. I also talk about “cultural feminism” a little bit, and I have a conversation with Mr. Raylan Alleman, author of the new book “Catholic Manhood Today”

Draw Nearer to the Cross (Flashback Episode)

There are many things that keep us far from the cross, and from the Crucifixion itself. Pride. Fear. Doubt. Many things bring us to be scattered, as the Apostles were. Many things cause us to abandon Christ and to leave Him to be alone in his suffering. This Holy Week let's begin to draw nearer to the cross.

Force, Grace, Free Will – VERICAST EP. 187

The reality of Grace and Free Will contrasts with the secular model of force and punishment. God leads us to truth, but the godless force us into distortion. God’s grace does not impose upon our free will. But mankind’s error does.
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Catholics, you are the "boots on the ground", and the Holy Spirit requires us to be focused, and balanced as He does His work in the Church, and in the world, because both have gone crazy. In this episode we talk about some of the crazy of the world and Church.