The Hardest-Hitting Catholic Podcast, bringing the unadulterated TRUTH of unapologetic Catholicism.  Vericast is the original "take no prisoners" Catholic podcast. Often imitated, absolutely never duplicated.  Covering theology, history, social issues, and helping you to grow in holiness and closer to sainthood.  It's fire without fluff, and Catholicism without sensationalism.


Sexuality, Purity, Chastity – VERICAST Ep. 185

Discussing Catholic moral theology regarding sexuality (it's not just sex!), purity, and chastity, with special guest co-host Fr. Peter Dugandzic. We covered single life, dating, married life and took some outstanding calls. Hot show! Not to be missed.

Making Saints — VERICAST Ep. 180

To become like a saint, we have to grow in holiness by cooperating with God’s grace, and by ordering ourselves more acutely toward Truth. This “ordering” requires a change-of-self that takes time, patience, and persistence. Tim covers the basics here

“Freedom” VERICAST #214

People talk a good game about "Freedom". But freedom comes from God, who gave humanity this precious gift. In this episode we'll explore the juxtaposition of freedom from the world's perspective—which is increasingly flawed and dehumanizing— against how God and the Church understand it. It's a difference of night and day.

Catholicism, Not Politics – Vericast #221

When we strip Catholic character from the faith, we wind up with a political party rather than a religion. I'll be talking about the removal of statues from a California public school, and responding to Dennis Prager's wacky thoughts about the death penalty and his inability to understand a pro-life philosophy that doesn't contradict itself.


Many agents in the modern Church have lost their guts. So many, in fact, that they have collectively created a new "Catholic" culture; one of fear, hollow talking points, and a faith experience devoid of substance and Catholic character.

Solid Faith, Changing World — VERICAST EP. 166

How do we live the unchanging faith in a changing world? Patience, intelligence, faith, and strategy. We start off discussing the recent changes to the Annulment process, and discuss other examples of having solid faith despite the world's decent to insanity. We also talk about some titles of satan found in the Rite of Exorcism.


Are we living in the Fantastic Land of Stupid? The cultural intellect has degraded so much that we call gay relationships "marriage", we "choose" what gender we identify as, we pass judgement on people by telling them "You shouldn't judge people", we call the neutralization of sin "inclusive language", we subdue masculinity, we regard God as "taboo", call goodness "hate" and call evil "freedom". It's the the Fantastic Land of Stupid; rooted in fantasy, subsisting in irrationality.

“Blind Leading the Blind” — VERICAST #215

When people fail to see things as they are, fail to stand up for Truth instead of popular opinion, what we wind up with is a culture of the blind leading the blind. We need people with sight (good, sound, balanced reason and sharp minds) to take a stand and to lead.


When Catholics—clergy, and lay—forget the identity and substance of the Catholic faith, we create a vacuum that is filled by error, and leads to heresy. Even Catholics in the center need to be careful not to suffer from Catholic amnesia

Force, Grace, Free Will – VERICAST EP. 187

The reality of Grace and Free Will contrasts with the secular model of force and punishment. God leads us to truth, but the godless force us into distortion. God’s grace does not impose upon our free will. But mankind’s error does.