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“Tough Truth Talk” — VERICAST #202

Catholic evangelization is getting more inventive, and consequently more dangerous, because it is getting more careless. "Tough talkin' Tim" reviews a Life Teen video featuring "Abrasive Abner", and explains why Catholic evangelizers need to up our game

World On Fire — VERICAST EP. 175

Bronx priest is under investigation for allegedly embezzling $1M to engage in peculiar sexual perversion. Some Catholic parishes get "invaded" by men armed with blasphemy. With so much going on in the world, it seems the world is on fire. But we have the power to fight it.

The Arrogance of “Pride” — VERICAST Ep. 160

Bruce Jenner and the recent gay "marriage" ruling in the Supreme Court show us the shamefulness and arrogance inherent in the gay agenda. Anyone who thinks the rise of ISIS is unconnected to the moral distortion of the Western world is fooling themselves.

“Prepare the Way” – VERICAST Ep. 75

As we get closer to Christmas, are we effectively "preparing the way" for the Lord? Are we preparing ourselves to receive Him? And are we doing it enough?

“Encounter Truth Himself” — VERICAST Ep. 191

In a world that's become so confused and sick, sometimes the cure is simpler than you might expect. Leading people to an encounter with Truth Himself (Jesus Christ) is the starting point to leading them to the truths of the Catholic faith, and bringing change to the world. It's the model of the Apostles, and of St. Paul.

Get in the Catholic Ring — VERICAST #176

Some final words on Advent and Christmas, and a rally cry for Catholics to get in the ring, and for lapsed Catholics to get their hides back in the confessional, and back in this game. We are needed, we are necessary, we are desired


What does it mean to live under the Kingship of Christ? We talk about Jesus Christ, "King of the Universe", and what it means to have Jesus as your King (It's about being Super Heroes!)

“Freedom” VERICAST #214

People talk a good game about "Freedom". But freedom comes from God, who gave humanity this precious gift. In this episode we'll explore the juxtaposition of freedom from the world's perspective—which is increasingly flawed and dehumanizing— against how God and the Church understand it. It's a difference of night and day.

In the Service of the Queen — VERICAST Ep. 161

Catholics must be a force, and a presence in the world. Our Lady has been given the honor of administering God's special graces which make it possible to do that. By being in the service of the Queen of Heaven and Earth, we are elite members of God's army.

The Gospel Isn’t Fake News – VERICAST #219

As Catholics we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. But more often than not, what's getting spread is Fake News, not the Good news. We evangelize a Jesus who does not exist, we preach or talk about a Gospel that's a fairy tale. Some of us aren't spreading the Gospel at all. What should we be doing differently as Catholics in the laity and in the Catholic Church hierarchy?