The Hardest-Hitting Catholic Podcast, bringing the unadulterated TRUTH of unapologetic Catholicism.  Vericast is the original "take no prisoners" Catholic podcast. Often imitated, absolutely never duplicated.  Covering theology, history, social issues, and helping you to grow in holiness and closer to sainthood.  It's fire without fluff, and Catholicism without sensationalism.

Toxic Masculinity? — VERICAST #218

The secular hive mind and college universities are attacking a caricature of masculinity which secularism itself has created. The cure for “toxic” manhood is...

Think. Again. – VERICAST #217

Following the inauguration of President Trump, we continue to see mass hysteria throughout the culture, and liberals shouting the same tired talking points. They're living in the past, and haven't refreshed their thinking, or their rhetoric. It reminds us that even in the Church we have to sometimes discipline ourselves to think...again.

Remember Human Dignity — VERICAST #220

Remember when people were in touch with their own dignity, and the dignity of others? When we lost touch with human dignity, we lost our sense for balance, and we lost our taste for Truth. We'll be covering some news stories that illustrate the degradation and loss of human dignity, and analyze how our own inherent sense for Justice can bring things back into right order.

The Gospel Isn’t Fake News – VERICAST #219

As Catholics we are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. But more often than not, what's getting spread is Fake News, not the Good news. We evangelize a Jesus who does not exist, we preach or talk about a Gospel that's a fairy tale. Some of us aren't spreading the Gospel at all. What should we be doing differently as Catholics in the laity and in the Catholic Church hierarchy?

Solid Faith, Changing World — VERICAST EP. 166

How do we live the unchanging faith in a changing world? Patience, intelligence, faith, and strategy. We start off discussing the recent changes to the Annulment process, and discuss other examples of having solid faith despite the world's decent to insanity. We also talk about some titles of satan found in the Rite of Exorcism.

Portraits of the Church – VERICAST #211

There are different portraits that people "paint" of the Catholic Church, and of the Catholic faith. Most of them do not accurately represent the real thing. Portraits are a person's interpretation of a subject. Some "artists" take creative license when painting those portraits and some are just too unskilled to paint a portrait that accurately represents the subject. Don't get confused by following a portrait of the Church. Follow the real thing—the Church as she is, and as she defines herself

Sexuality, Purity, Chastity – VERICAST Ep. 185

Discussing Catholic moral theology regarding sexuality (it's not just sex!), purity, and chastity, with special guest co-host Fr. Peter Dugandzic. We covered single life, dating, married life and took some outstanding calls. Hot show! Not to be missed.

Parenthood, and Spiritual Parenthood – VERICAST #216

Parenthood is a sacred calling. So is spiritual parenthood. God is always calling spiritual parents to foster, guide, and protect His children (our brothers and sisters). Do we live up to the call? Beginning the show with a discussion about parenthood and relationships, we set the foundation for analyzing good, and bad spiritual parenthood, using today's readings as an example.

Gender, and Forming Catholic Men – VERICAST Ep. 199

Gender is about more than anatomy, and forming the male gender is about enabling boys to be good men, not just “males in grown bodies”. I also talk about “cultural feminism” a little bit, and I have a conversation with Mr. Raylan Alleman, author of the new book “Catholic Manhood Today”

“Freedom” VERICAST #214

People talk a good game about "Freedom". But freedom comes from God, who gave humanity this precious gift. In this episode we'll explore the juxtaposition of freedom from the world's perspective—which is increasingly flawed and dehumanizing— against how God and the Church understand it. It's a difference of night and day.