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Toxic Masculinity? — VERICAST #218

The secular hive mind and college universities are attacking a caricature of masculinity which secularism itself has created. The cure for “toxic” manhood is...

Think. Again. – VERICAST #217

Following the inauguration of President Trump, we continue to see mass hysteria throughout the culture, and liberals shouting the same tired talking points. They're living in the past, and haven't refreshed their thinking, or their rhetoric. It reminds us that even in the Church we have to sometimes discipline ourselves to think...again.

Parenthood, and Spiritual Parenthood – VERICAST #216

Parenthood is a sacred calling. So is spiritual parenthood. God is always calling spiritual parents to foster, guide, and protect His children (our brothers and sisters). Do we live up to the call? Beginning the show with a discussion about parenthood and relationships, we set the foundation for analyzing good, and bad spiritual parenthood, using today's readings as an example.

“Blind Leading the Blind” — VERICAST #215

When people fail to see things as they are, fail to stand up for Truth instead of popular opinion, what we wind up with is a culture of the blind leading the blind. We need people with sight (good, sound, balanced reason and sharp minds) to take a stand and to lead.

“Freedom” VERICAST #214

People talk a good game about "Freedom". But freedom comes from God, who gave humanity this precious gift. In this episode we'll explore the juxtaposition of freedom from the world's perspective—which is increasingly flawed and dehumanizing— against how God and the Church understand it. It's a difference of night and day.

“Love Well” – Vericast #213

Love is not emotional, it is action. Sometimes we get that wrong, and our feelings determine how we love others, or how we love ourselves. But Love is a natural order, and there is a way to love wrong, just as there is a way to love well, and rightly.

Deliver Us From Evil – VERICAST #212

Our lives are sometimes weighed down by many evils of the human experience: Division, loneliness, debt, depression, and other adversity. But have hope! During this season of Advent we are reminded that God delivers us from evil. Also in this episode Tim is joined by Cal Kane and Vickie Armstrong to discuss the assisted-suicide of a Dutch man suffering from alcoholism and depression.

Portraits of the Church – VERICAST #211

There are different portraits that people "paint" of the Catholic Church, and of the Catholic faith. Most of them do not accurately represent the real thing. Portraits are a person's interpretation of a subject. Some "artists" take creative license when painting those portraits and some are just too unskilled to paint a portrait that accurately represents the subject. Don't get confused by following a portrait of the Church. Follow the real thing—the Church as she is, and as she defines herself

“The Mystical Body” – VERICAST #210

There is a correlation between the Church, God's revelation through the prophets, through the Incarnate Word (Jesus Christ), and the Church in the modern world today. I talk about that correlation and how it applies to the Church in the modern era

“Out of Time” – VERICAST #209

When we don't observe the whole of time, we become like trains running off the rails at high speed. Some people obsess over the past, but ignore the present and future. Others fixate on the future but do not order their present. This is true outside of the Church and within the Church.