The Dialogue

A Catholic (Tim Haines), an Atheist (Cal Kane), a Dialogue.  The Dialogue shows how a Catholic and a classical Atheist can have a civilized conversation, even in areas where they disagree—and boy do they disagree!  The Dialogue features discussions on secular news topics, science, and social issues, as well as conversations about issues where Tim and Cal take opposing sides, soft debate, and sometimes not-so-soft debate.

The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

“Abortion and Human Life” — The Dialogue Ep. 39

A very rich and heated conversation about abortion, the intrinsic value of human life, and the question of human dignity from the moment of conception, onward. We begin the episode with a brief segment about the Brexit vote
The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

Sex Education — The Dialogue Ep. 5

Tim and Cal discuss the legalization of drugs, "abortion contracts" and engage in a debate on the question of sex education in schools.
The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

The Dialogue Ep. 31 – “Exceptionalism of Man”

Is mankind exceptional in creation, or are we just really smart animals, special in some ways, but inferior in many others? In discussing the question, we also get into Artificial Intelligence and the image of God, inherent in the human person.
The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

Matter of Facts — The Dialogue Ep. 26

Discussing Pew Research data which explored the prevalence of "radicalism" amongst Muslims in various countries. The facts don't actually support the idea that radicalism is a rarity in the global Muslim community, though there are many peaceful Muslims
The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

“Belief Systems” — The Dialogue Ep. 34

Talking about various belief systems and how the impact or shape individuals, and the culture. We include Buddhism, Christianity, Atheism, Pop Culture. Also, we learn a few surprises about religions that impact/form Cal himself. And it’s VERY telling!

God in the Classroom? The Dialogue #69

This turned out to be a really heated conversation! Should God and religion ever be discussed in a secular classroom? If so, should atheism also get a platform? Should both be out?