The Dialogue

A Catholic (Tim Haines), an Atheist (Cal Kane), a Dialogue.  The Dialogue shows how a Catholic and a classical Atheist can have a civilized conversation, even in areas where they disagree—and boy do they disagree!  The Dialogue features discussions on secular news topics, science, and social issues, as well as conversations about issues where Tim and Cal take opposing sides, soft debate, and sometimes not-so-soft debate.

The Dialogue — Vericast Catholic Podcast Network

Chemical Attacks in Syria – The Dialogue #73

Discussing the chemical attacks in Syria, and America’s response. Also talking about the latest terror attack in Sweden. And a high school student getting into Stamford after writing "#BlackLivesMatter" 100 times on his application.

Scorched Earth Policy – The Dialogue #72

We're burning down Western Civilization, leaving nothing left for the civilized and the rational. From radical Islam, to gender identity, to marriage, we impose fantasy and error on reality, and ignore facts and Truth that stares us right in the face. We also take some calls in this episode.

Satan in Schools? – The Dialogue #71

An "After School Satan" club receiving swift tax exempt status gets us into a discussion about religion, anti-religions, and whether they should be treated...

It’s Alive…ALIVE! – The Dialogue #70

Fake  meat from a lab, and a human-pig hybrid.  Is there a consequence—spiritual, physical, cultural, or otherwise—to turing the living into the synthetic?  A...

God in the Classroom? The Dialogue #69

This turned out to be a really heated conversation! Should God and religion ever be discussed in a secular classroom? If so, should atheism also get a platform? Should both be out?

Freedom From Speech? – The Dialogue #68

Does the Western World care about freedom of speech anymore? When you look at the latest explosion of news regarding Milo Yiannopoulos, it's hard to say. We'll be talking about Milo's recent [major] hiccup, but will expand the topic by discussing how we regard, and deal with freedom of speech in a civilization that seems to want to be free from speech it doesn't like. We'll cover the secular media, podcasters, news reporting, and consumption of news (readers, viewers, audiences)

Hedonism and Hell-Raising – The Dialogue #67

After talking about morality vs. hedonism, we get into discussing the woman's march, and why hysterical liberal women fail to represent real women. Also...

Free Will: Round 2! – The Dialogue #66

Do human beings really have free will, or are we restricted by determinism? Are we slaves, or masters of our fate and destiny?

Socials Smackdown #5 – Morality, Godlessness, Consequences

Is there an eternal consequence for those who believe they are moral without God?

Trump Travel Ban (And liberal free-speech ban) – The Dialogue #65

Talking about the horrendous media coverage of, and public outrage over the so-called Trump travel ban. Also we talk about a riot that broke out at Berkeley to shut down the free-speech of Milo Yiannopoulos, and similar hysteria at NYU to protest another conservative speaker, Gavin McInnes. This episode can be summed up in one line: "We told you so!"