Moment of Truth #6 — “A Crisis of Faith”

There is a crisis of faith throughout the Church culture. Catholics have adopted a secular flaw; having ultimate faith in themselves, and little faith left for God and for the Church. This crisis of faith is the cause of every ailment throughout the Church culture.

Moment of Truth #5 — “Guardians of the Truth”

As Catholics, we are guardians and defenders of the Truth. We must always defend it, and be ready to sacrifice ourselves in its defense. We must also remember that the truth has its enemies, and they are "guardians" of a different sort.

Moment of Truth #4 — Christian Moral Foundation

Christians supporting same-sex marriage also support other moral vices, by a wide margin, compared to Christians who oppose same-sex marriage. This shows us a serious tear in the moral fabric of Christian Culture

Moment of Truth Ep. 3 — Evil & Power

Catholics and even non-Catholics are up in arms—so to speak—over satanic the black mass soon to take place in Oklahoma City. And we should be. This event is not only a mockery of the Holy Mass, it’s also blasphemous against the Holy Spirit.

Moment of Truth — Men, and Abortion

The pro-choice propogandists, have succeeded in neutralizing perhaps the greatest threat to the abortion paradigm: Men.
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Moment of Truth — Addicted to Pleasure

The culture is addicted to pleasure, comfort, and partying. But that pleasure-addiction is leading to suffering and calamity.