“What’s the Bible?” – Catholic 101 #2

Why are Catholic and protestant bibles different, and why does it matter? What exactly is the bible anyway, and when did it come about? Understanding these basics of the bible is as important for Catholics as understanding that night is different from day.

How to BE a Catholic – Catholic 101 Ep. 8

What does it mean to be a Catholic? Does it mean praying all day long? Does it mean being a hippie? Does it mean being a moral overlord? To be a Catholic means becoming a fine-tuned, highly complex spiritual machine.

Catholicism Has No Equal – Catholic 101 #3

Not all religions are the same. In fact no religion is equal to Catholicism. Catholicism has preeminence, not parity. This episode explains why, and discusses the question of salvation in other religions (i.e. are Jews/Muslims/Protestants going to hell?)

Commandments Unravelled Part 2 – Catholic 101 Ep. 7

Discussing the "office" of parenthood, the dignity of human life, and the dignity of human sexuality. Also answering a question about faith, doubt, and the Holy Trinity.

Ten Commandments Unravelled – Catholic 101 Ep. 6

The Ten Commandments are not a listing of ten “dos and don’ts”. They’re better understood as categories that cover the whole of God’s law....

The Epic of the Fall of Man – Catholic 101 #5

Why do we do this thing we call "Catholic"? What's the reason for it all? We are living an epic, and are part of a story that started with a great war in Heaven, lead to the fall of mankind in Eden and continues to play out today…to eventual glory.

What is Sin, and Why Should You Care – Catholic 101 #4

Sin is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of objective reality. Sin brings harm to self, or to others, or both—whether we agree with it or not, and whether we "believe in that sort of thing" or not. In this episode I talk about what "sin" is, what makes something a sin, and why it's important for all rational human beings to understand it.

“Catholic Pride” – Catholic 101 Episode 1

You have every reason to be PROUD to be Catholic! This episode kicks off with a brief intro to the podcast series, and then gets into why you should never be ashamed of being Catholic, but should instead be bursting with pride.