Tim on KFAQ, Pat Campbell Show

I was on the Pat Campbell show on KFAQ in Tulsa, OK today. Pat hit me up after last night's show asking if I'd do a segment with him to discuss the videos I covered.

Come Celebrate The Dialogue!

This Saturday (October 8th, 2016) Cal and I will do our 50th episode of The Dialogue, and we're making it a celebration. Watch the episode...

Prayer, Spiritual Fodder

Fr. Dugandzic and I mentioned some past shows/series that we thought would benefit you, the audience, when it comes to prayer and reflection. Fr. Dugandzic even mentioned one episode was real "spiritual fodder". How about that endorsement! So here they are...

Cardinal Sarah: Right orientation is good for the Church

The Church is beginning to restore order by restoring right orientation to the faith experience; starting with the Sacred Liturgy. This is a positive sign and should give all Catholics some hope, for more reasons than what may be obvious on the surface

Mercy and Justice Makes All Things Whole

You may be familiar with "the commodore" Pat Campbell.  He's a talk radio host in Tulsa, Oklahoma, father of five, and himself the oldest...

The Death of Harambe Sparks Anti-Human-Person Rage

The outrage over the death of Harambe the gorilla—in defense of a young boy—is a demonstration of how modern humanity obsesses over prioritizing animals over human persons There's more to learn from the facts than what rests on the surface.

Eucharistic Flash Mob

This Eucharistic flash mob, shot in 2011 by the Capuchin Franciscans in England should remind us of something we too often forget—the personal touch of the power of God, offered by Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament

Tim on the Schnitt show with Pat Campbell

I was a guest on the Schnitt Radio Show, based in Tampa, while Pat Campbell was guest-hosting; talking about the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, and what it does, and doesn't mean.  It was a great segment and sets the stage for this Sunday's episode of Vericast, where I'll talk about the exhortation a little more fully.

BLOG: “Disturbance in the Force”

I want to let this short clip do most of the talking. Wilson recorded it as an intro to his latest episode of The...

Kick the Catholic Drama To the Curb

In a recent Tim Haines show, Parading Mistruth, Tim discussed some of the controversy that surrounded the St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York and Boston. One thing that controversies like this manage to do, is generate lots of drama. Catholics seem to be just as susceptible to drama as anyone else.