The culture’s ever-creepy favoritism of animals over human beings continued this past week when a rare silverback gorilla was shot and killed after a four year old boy fell into the gorilla’s habitat. It’s resulting in numerous online campaigns, emotional outpourings, and artistic tributes that show us just how out of touch with human dignity the culture really is.

From CBS News:

Video captured onlookers screaming as the 17-year-old male silverback gorilla, named Harambe, scooped up the boy and dragged him throughout the enclosure’s moat.”

Following this apparent injustice against the gorilla, a Facebook page called “Justice for Harambe” was started, and currently has almost 125,000 likes.  The cover of the page features a portrait of the gorilla, and the icon is a picture of candles, as if it came from a vigil for the animal.  Artists are putting paintbrush to canvas creating tributes to this animal.  There’s even a petition demanding “justice” and some calling for the parent of the child to be sued or charged with a crime. Look at this video from Fox News

Parents of boy who fell in gorilla pit could face charges

I’m convinced that people aren’t that interested in any neglect by the parent, they’re just upset that it resulted in the death of a gorilla.  If you’re sharp, you may recognize this tactic.  It’s the tactic redirecting outrage—inventing an injustice to call attention to a cause that would otherwise be rightly ignored. It’s how Christian bakers get sued out of existence for not baking cakes for gay weddings, and how teachers lose their jobs for recognizing that there are only two genders….and so on, and so on.

“They made the correct decision”

Jack Hanna of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium agrees with the decision. Apparently there are still some people around who know how skittish and aggressive silverback gorillas are. On CBS This Morning Hanna said “They made the correct decision. Matter of fact, it’s a millisecond decision…thank goodness a human being is alive today because of the decision that the zoo made.”

Okay, okay, I get it.  The child should have been better supervised. I get that.  Some parents make stupid mistakes, and there are consequences as a result. Bad things happen when people do stupid things. But while everybody is using the mother’s apparent lack of responsibility to paint a picture of injustice against a gorilla, all I see is that people are sad and angry over the death of a gorilla and they don’t care that it was in defense of the life of a human child.  They’re only using this narrative of bad parenting to justify their emotionally-charged outrage.  This isn’t anger over bad parenting, this is sadness over the death of an animal. Because animals are beautiful and humans are just dirtbags that deserve to die.

What do you think? What is Harambe REALLY a poster-child for?  Dig into this poll and/or share your thoughts in the comments

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