On yesterday’s episode of Credo (“Prayer is Vital”) Fr. Dugandzic and I mentioned some past shows/series that we thought would benefit you, the audience, when it comes to prayer and reflection.  Fr. Dugandzic even mentioned one episode was real “spiritual fodder”.  How about that endorsement!  Prayer is the life-blood of a Catholic, so remember pray frequently.  Anyway, here ya go; one series, and two additional episodes. Oh, and if you enjoy them, remember this work is made possible by your support!

Reflections from the Rosary

This was a series that I hosted, where I guide the viewer through reflections of each decade, of each mystery of the Rosary. I didn’t pray the Rosary in this series, it’s only a series of reflections. This is a four-part series, and I suggest you start with #1 and work your way to #4


Glorious Beginnings — Reflections From the Rosary #4

The Glorious Mysteries represent a conclusion, and signify a new beginning. The start of a new chapter in the story of the salvation of mankind, and the epic of our life in God.

The Mystery of Joy — Reflections From the Rosary #3

In meditating on the Joyful Mysteries, we explore the mystery of joy itself. Joy is supernatural. It supersedes the emotions, but collaborates with our emotional sense. Joy sometimes comes with sadness, it doesn't always come with happiness. But as we grow in holiness, we learn to prefer joy over happiness.

The Tender Mysteries — Reflections From the Rosary #2

Reflecting on the Luminous Mysteries, we see a great deal of tenderness, and "humanness" in the life of Jesus and his relationships and experiences with his apostles and His Blessed Mother.

The Passion of The Church — Reflections on the Rosary#1

We see the suffering of the Church (the people, and the ecclesial Church) in each of the five sorrowful mysteries.

Virtues of Our Lady

Next up is an episode of Vericast, from back when Wilson Orihuela was co-hosting the show.  It was a great episode, and we followed it with a fantastic After-Show. Here are the links to both. Share them with a friend!

Virtues of the Blessed Virgin Maryvideo

Virtues of Our Lady— VERICAST EP. 169

To reflect the virtues of Our Blessed Mother is a powerful, and sure way for a Catholic to grow in holiness. But it's definitely a challenge. Are you up to it? In this episode we talk about the ten virtues of Our Lady, what they mean, and how we apply them in our daily lives as Catholics, and saints in the making.

Patience is a Virtue — After-Show #169

Covering the final two virtues of Our Lady (Patience, and Humility), with a particular emphasis on Patience, and how it applies to Catholics facing the crisis in the world, and the troubles in the Church.