The time has come to leave our mobile app behind. It’s unfortunate, but it’s necessary to cut our costs.  At the same time it can be a positive thing, as there are other ways to get the Vericast experience in your pocket; some of them being arguably better.  Of course, our website works like a charm on any smartphone, but if you prefer a mobile app experience, as many of you do, here are some alternatives to the Vericast app.

Livestream App (Video, or Audio):
Download on: iOS | Android | Roku |
Also, available on the new AppleTV. Search for Livestream within the App Store on AppleTV

Vericast is an official Livestream Pro broadcaster, and it is our preferred platform because it provides the most robust experience and meets the high standards of the Vericast experience.

Livestream’s mobile app for iOS and Android is feature-rich, and easy to use.  You can use it to watch our live shows, or you can watch episodes on-demand after they’ve been published to our Livestream channel. You also get notifications when we’ve scheduled the next live show, and you get notified when we go live, and when we post an on-demand episode. What I like most about it is that while Livestream is a video platform, you can listen to audio-only versions of our shows (Live, or on-demand) simply by minimizing the app during playback. When you close/minimize the app while playing a show, playback switches from video to audio, which is easier on your bandwidth when you’re on the go.

How it works:

Download and install the app. When you run the app for the first time you’ll be invited to register for a free Livestream account, or to log in with your existing account. I suggest you do this because you’ll be able to participate in the chat room, leave comments, and get notifications when we go live, schedule new live shows, etc.

Once you’re logged into the app search for “Vericast” or “Vericast Network” and subscribe to us. If you’re already subscribed to our Livestream channel you’ll find Vericast under the “Following” section of the main menu, accessible from the icon in the upper left corner of the app’s screen.

Podcast App (Audio, some video)

There are many free and paid podcast apps available for every mobile platform. I’ve personally tried the standard podcast app that comes with iOS and I think it works great for both audio and video playback.

You’ll find RSS links on our on-demand episode pages, within the “Subscribe” Menu, beneath the player window. Use those RSS feeds with any podcast app you prefer. If you’re an iOS user, you can find our shows within iTunes, or within the standard iOS podcast app.


It’s as simple as it gets. Download the YouTube app, search for—and subscribe to—Vericast Network. You’re good to go!  YouTube carries our on-demand episodes, and most of our live broadcasts.  Just one thing to keep in mind: We do broadcast live to our YouTube channel but they are not our primary carrier. Livestream is.  So not everything we broadcast live will be sent to YouTube. But it’s always sent to Livestream. Just keep that in mind.

Other providers

You can find our audio-only episodes on Soundcloud, on Spreaker, on Stitcher (Vericast, Credo, and The Dialogue), and on TuneIn.  All of those folks have mobile apps that you can use.  You can, of course simply visit our website on your mobile device. Our website is mobile friendly, and the players are designed to work perfectly on any smartphone.


If I were an audience member, my app of choice would be Livestream. It performs the best, the app is clean, feature rich, easy to use, and versatile. It plays our live shows, and it even gives you access to the live chat room, right there in the app.  It also allows you to listen to just the audio, rather than the video, which uses much less bandwidth and may be preferable to those of you who listen on the go and are trying to use as little mobile data as possible.

As for audio-only access, my favorite app is Apple’s standard Podcast app.  So if you’re just looking to download and listen to the audio, that would be my personal pick.  But that’s just me. Your preferences may differ.