I wanted to take a moment to offer some clarification of something we talked about in yesterday’s episode of Vericast.

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Some in the audience were mentioning, or asking about organizations bent on evil intentions.  The illuminati and Freemasonry are two examples. Freemasonry in particular is a hot-button topic for Catholics. More and more whenever evil abounds or something smells of conspiracy, it’s often wondered whether Freemasonry is involved, if this is the evil doing of secret Freemasons, or if someone involved is in league with Freemasons.  Some Marian apparitions have pointed out that Freemasonry will be the ally of the devil in the coming battle between good and evil.  So what do we think?

freemasonryWe give a lot of credence to Marian apparitions, and we adhere whole-heartedly to the Church’s teaching on Freemasonry.  It is evil, it negates the truth, it neutralizes and disempowers the good, and it is an ecclesial crime for any Catholic to join the Masons.  But it is also important to be balanced when considering the role of “The Masons” in the coming times.

I personally don’t believe the organization known as “The Freemasons” will directly be the ally of satan and I don’t believe there will literally be a global monarch.  I believe the human culture is far too degraded for any of these things to be literally true.  People are too broken.  The type of organization and order and discipline necessary for a “global monarch” of the “new world order” just doesn’t exist, and I don’t expect it will exist again until the world is snapped out of its evil disposition.  The world is sleepwalking right now.  Directionless, mindless, occasionally mumbling, but not making any sense.  God will have to wake us up, by way of a rude awakening, before the world can be ordered again as He intended it to be.  People who are sleepwalking don’t build good armies.  And a culture this broken cannot be the foundation of a “new world order”.  It just defies logic, as I see it.  The culture is even more broken in the upper echelon of society—those who might comprise the masterminds of the Freemasons or the Illuminati.  For some evidence, just look at the Catholic Church.  We’re a global organization with the power of the Holy Spirit and the real presence of Jesus Christ  to guide and strengthen us.  Yet even WE don’t make a very strong army these days.  The Church is suffering from the same global, cultural disorder that has infected God’s people.  Why should we expect The Freemasons are insulated from this state of brokenness?

So what do I make of the role of “Freemasonry” in the coming times?

[quote float=”right”]I think the philosophy of Freemasonry will be the true ally of the devil. Not the organization itself.[/quote] I think the philosophy of Freemasonry, which is prevalent in our culture, will be the true ally of the devil. Not the organization itself.  I believe the ideology and philosophy of Freemasonry comes from evil and it comes from error.  One doesn’t have to be a freemason to fall into such evil and error, they just have to be disconnected from the truth.  I also believe such evil and error would still exist, and be just as prevalent today even if “The Freemasons” never existed.   So who will be the devil’s ally in the times to come?  People will.  Freemasons, non-Masons, Catholics, atheists, secularists, Jews, Protestants.  Anyone who accepts the error that we label as “Freemasonry” will be the devil’s ally.  The label of the evil doesn’t matter.  It’s the evil that is the problem.  Those who have submitted to the cultural distortion of “Equality” and “Fairness” even to the degree that it negates the good and negates the truth….these people will be the devil’s real allies.  And most of them will never have even heard of “Freemasons”.

This not only agrees with logic, and with what we see in the world, and with where we can rationally see the culture going, but it also agrees with the prophecies of Marian apparitions.  If you want to find a global “Freemasonic order” (or lodge), look no further than the UN.  It’s not really “Freemasonic” but you can believe they largely adopt Freemasonic principals.  So does it matter that they aren’t Freemasons?  The U.N., having placed the errors of “equality” and “Modernism” at the top of the Hive Mind known as “secularism” is far more in league with Satan than the current actual Freemasons are.  And they don’t even know it!

Might the actual organization of “The Freemasons” have a more direct role than what I’m predicting?  Sure, it’s possible.  But MUST that be so?  No, not necessarily.  Even if The Freemasons do have a more direct role, it isn’t JUST the Freemasons who will have surrendered their wills and intellects to The Enemy….it’ll be ordinary people too.  In obsessing over the label, we are going to overlook the real enemy.  The real enemy is the philosophies that are in conflict with the truth.  What label we put on those philosophies is irrelevant.

So in short: Yes, we believe Freemasonry is evil. Yes, we believe Freemasonry will be the prime ally of the devil in the coming times. We just don’t know that “Freemasonry” literally means the actual organization, when it’s spoken of in prophesy. It might. It might not. Freemasonry is bigger than just the organization that carries the name. We must not obsess about looking for “freemasonic influence” in the world or in the Church. The label does not matter. Look for evil; whatever form it comes in, whatever label it takes, whatever label it doesn’t have. If it’s the literal freemasons, or just the freemasonic philosophy….if it’s secularism, modernism, whatever. The label doesn’t matter. Look for where, and how the truth is negated. That must command our attention and action and prayers.

Feel free to comment below!  God be with you all

Tim Haines