On last night’s episode of Vericast I opened with this video of a Eucharistic flash mob, shot in 2011 by the Capuchin Franciscans in England.  It’s a beautiful display, and should remind us of something we too often forget.

I saw this when it first hit YouTube, and I never get bored of it.  I love the initiative these Franciscans showed in organizing this thing; I wish more priests and religious did things that are this bold, this clever, and this clear.  But what most strikes me every time I watch this video is the group of passers-by who stop and kneel before the Blessed Sacrament.  “Look at how they come”, is what plays in my head every time I watch it.

“Come and kneel before him now”

The power of God is great, mysterious, but also very personal.  God wants to be personal with us. He wants to touch each of us, and calls each of us to a unique experience of life in Him.  The image of these people gathering around Our Lord, kneeling and adoring him, speaks to this “personal touch” God has for each of us.  Oftentimes it can’t be put to words; it’s something mysterious that we know deep down in our hearts but we cannot articulate it.  It’s just something we feel, something we know, and something we long for, the more we experience it.  It calls us to prayer, to union, to communion, to the confessional, to the tabernacle.  It calls us away from sin, and ultimately it calls us to Heaven.

This longing for God is a treasure of the faith experience.  It only requires that we partake in it.  Give thanks to God for that.