BLOG: “Disturbance in the Force”


I want to let this short clip do most of the talking. Wilson recorded it as an intro to his latest episode of The Catechism. Wilson sums it up very effectively, with a charisma that is his signature. But I wanted to share my own thoughts as well. Watch the video (it’s very short) then continue reading

The episode is available here (Subscribers only). You can still hear Wilson clearly in it, despite the buzzing. Wilson and I decided to publish it as-is, because my first instinct is usually to reject something with a flaw like that, and to re-record it, clean. But as I reviewed the episode I found there were very exceptional moments throughout it. In his delivery and “flow”, Wilson hit on a lot of seemingly small, but very significant points that I had made in my “The Tender Mysteries” episode a few days prior. Wilson had not seen that show; he wasn’t even aware of it, yet he was making many overlapping and supplemental points. Strange coincidence? Maybe. And maybe the Holy Spirit influenced both of these shows in a deliberate way. So despite the audio buzz, we made the decision to post the episode, because even if it’s just a coincidence, it’s a very valuable one. When you re-record something you can never recreate those inspired moments. They only hit once. So to re-record the episode would have sacrificed those valuable moments. I felt they needed to be maintained.

I want to say a few words about this “technical glitch”, related to the history of “glitches” we have experienced here at Vericast Network.

I have been around media for a very long time—-from the technical side, to the production side. I’m very familiar with “glitches” and “oddities” common to audio and video broadcast or delivery, I’ve seen it all a million times. This audio glitch—which can be summed up as “buzzing” over the audio—is not in and of itself something I’ve never seen/heard before. But I’ve never seen it happen without a discernible reason. I’ve also never seen it so intermittent…it comes back during “official” recordings, and clears up during test recordings. In this case it was present during the recording of “The Catechism”, yet not during the test recording before it. Nor was it present during the follow-up test afterward. It was also not present during several test recordings the next day, yet a minute later it was present during Wilson’s first take of the “official recording” of this intro. In the end Wilson had to sprinkle holy water and invite someone to join him in the room to pray silently while he did the recording which you now saw…which finally had no buzzing.

I’m not trying to say that this makes Vericast particularly exceptional, or special, etc. I’m not offering this to gain appreciation, or sympathy, or to capitalize on it in any way. I, like Wilson, am offering this to make clear to you that what we do here is spiritual warfare. And where the demonic are working this hard, surly there is an urgency that they see, which we humans often don’t see; at least not fully. This spiritual warfare takes on a peculiar character here at Vericast; and for me to call it “peculiar” you can believe it’s very strange, because I’ve seen it all. But this warfare doesn’t stop with us. You are in this spiritual war, too, and the forces of the enemy are working just as hard throughout the world to keep the Good and the True from penetrating hearts and minds, and to keep people away from God. We are working very hard to bring people back to God; to “set the captives free”, as Wilson put it, and to solidify the faith of Catholics like you. So we pose a particular threat to the enemy’s ambitions. Therefor I ask that you remain prayerful, for yourselves, and for the world, and for the Church. And please pray for me and Wilson individually, and for our apostolate in general. Thank you to those of you who are praying for us, who keep us in your Rosary intentions, who pray for us with your families. Your prayers are valuable to us, beyond description. God be with you all
-Tim Haines