This Saturday (October 8th, 2016) Cal and I will do our 50th episode of The Dialogue, and we’re making it a celebration.

Watch the episode here

This isn’t just about “the big 5-0”, it’s about four years of friendship, and most importantly it’s about 4 years of honest dialogue and debate between a Catholic and an Atheist.  It’s hard to find in the world, and is especially unique in Catholic Media.

The point of “The Dialogue” isn’t necessarily to convert non-believers, but to serve as an example to the world, and to demonstrate that the Catholic Faith is a thinking-person’s religion, and that what we believe is reasoned, and defensible.  In the process maybe we convert a few lost souls.  My job as the Catholic of the pair is to lay the foundation, and plant seeds that the Holy Spirit will bring to fruition. On the secular side of things, The Dialogue shows that two people can disagree civilly, but can also agree on many fundamental issues, even if we may agree from different directions.  This is a celebration of human reason, comeradarie, and fellowship.

Cal and I started doing this in the early days of Vericast, when the show was called “Vericast: Crosstalk Edition”.  I’m hoping to dig up a clip or two from those Crosstalk days, because during this celebration we’ll be having a few drinks, and rolling some clips from past shows; remembering “the old days”, and probably arguing those old points all over again with fresh vigor, and new angles.

It’ll be a fun show, and I hope you join us.  We go live at 5PM Eastern Time on Saturday, October 8th. Join us for a few drinks and a few laughs, and a few thrown-punches (so to speak).  Bring a drink of your own, if you’re of legal age, and be prepared to chat it up with us from the chat room. Drop comments and questions for us, or just mingle with the other chatters.